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🌟 Calling all aspiring Pokémon artists! 🌟


Embark on a creative adventure this summer at our Kids Art Summer Camp, where imagination meets Pokémon magic! Unleash your artistic talents as you dive into a world filled with colorful characters, exciting landscapes, and the spirit of Pokémon.


🎨 Creativity Unleashed: Let your creativity soar as you bring your favorite Pokémon to life on canvas! From Pikachu to Charmander, explore the vibrant Pokémon universe through various art forms and unleash the power of your imagination.

🌈 Master the Art of Colors: Discover the secrets of color blending and shading as you paint, draw, and craft Pokémon-inspired masterpieces. Our experienced art instructors will guide you on a colorful journey, helping you capture the essence of each Pokémon in your unique creations.

🏆 Pokémon Art Exhibition: Celebrate your artistic achievements at the end of the camp with a Pokémon Art Exhibition! Showcase your masterpieces and share the joy of Pokémon creativity with friends and family.



🌈 What to expect:

  • Exciting hands-on activities 
  • Engaging lessons on illustration and Pokemon
  • Creative challenges to inspire innovative thinking
  • A showcase where parents can marvel at their child's masterpieces
  • Classes run Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 

  • We will go to the park for lunch & outside time (weather permitting) 

  • Thursday the students will walk and be treated to ice cream from Pipers

  • Friday the students get a pizza party for lunch!

  • Daily breakfast, morning &  afternoon snacks

  • Students may bring their own gaming devices with permission from Parents

  • This camp is for kids 5 - 12

  • Each student must bring a lunch, waterbottle and sunscreen if needed



🎉 Gotta Catch 'Em All - and Create! Join us for a summer filled with laughter, friendship, and the joy of artistic expression. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to become a Pokémon artist extraordinaire!


Spaces are limited, so enroll now and let the Pokémon art adventure begin! 🌟

Pokémon Center Camp: June 10th – 14th

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